Terms & Conditions

This policy applies to all products and displays that are purchased from GMA (Pty) Ltd (referred to as “Green Meets Africa”).

  • Return or refusal of a product, not due to customer errors

Green Meets Africa will accept return products due to damages not caused by customer, quality issues or incorrect shipment by Green Meets Africa. No return freight charge will be applied to the customer.

  • Returns based on quality issues

Need to be raised immediately after discovery by the customer, but in any event, not later than one month after delivery by Green Meets Africa. The following information needs to be provided upon contacting Green Meets Africa:

  1. Full product code, EAN Code, lot number and affected quantity.
  2. Delivery note or invoice number with which the faulty products were delivered.
  3. Description of the quality issue.

Upon receipt of the above, and provided that Green Meets Africa, at its sole reasonable discretion, approves the claim regarding the quality issues, Green Meets Africa will issue a Return Goods Authorization (referred to as “RGA”) where appropriate and arrange the pickup of the faulty goods.

For the purpose of this paragraph 1.1, Qualities Issues shall mean manufacturing defects, product failure in use.

  1. The Shipment should be carefully inspected on arrival and any quantity discrepancies should be noted on the original delivery document with the carriers’ signature at the time of delivery. Any deliveries signed for and marked unchecked must be checked as soon as reasonably possible, by the customer, following delivery. In any event Green Meets Africa must be notified within 72 hours of delivery of any discrepancies whereby the customer wishes to raise a potential claim.

    1. Damaged products must be, to the extent practicable, noted on the delivery document.

      If damaged products are not noted on the signed original copy of the delivery note Green Meets Africa reserves the right not to accept the customer claim. In any event, Green Meets Africa must be notified within 72 hours of delivery of any damaged products where the customer wishes to raise a potential claim.

      For the purpose of this paragraph 1.3, Damaged Goods shall mean goods, where the outer protective packaging case has been damaged in such a way the product inside has been damaged (e.g. severally crushed case, case not sealed properly resulting in dirt contaminating the product)

      Claims for damaged cases which are considered normal wear and tear will not be accepted.
  2. Return product due to lost business

    Green Meets Africa will accept the return of products due to lost end user business if the end-user was the only business buying this product. The condition for this return is that the end user details, and a proof of this lost business are communicated to Green Meets Africa. Upon authorization, standard returns conditions and charges as per Chapter 3 Points 3.1-3.10 will still apply.

  3. Return or refusal of product due to customer errors

    Requests for product returns that distributors have purchased in error (i.e. the distributor has ordered Product A but had intended to order Product B instead) must be notified to Green Meets Africa within 72 hours of delivery. Green Meets Africa will approve customer’s requests at its sole discretion within 72 hours of request receipt. Upon approval a RGA number will be provided by Green Meets Africa. If products are not returned within 30 days of issuance of the RGA, the RGA will be cancelled. Any products returned to Green Meets Africa without an RGA form attached to the return will be refused upon delivery.

    The following conditions need to be met:

    1. Products need to be in re-sellable condition: still on sale, unopened, unlabeled by Distribution, dry, clean and uncrushed. (To be confirmed in writing by the customer. A Return Request form will be provided by Green Meets Africa Customer Service team at the same time as the RGA is issued).
    2. If products returned are not in re-sellable conditions the credit will not be raised. Where this occurs Distributor will be advised.
    3. The original invoice or delivery note number must be able to be confirmed, so that the credit raised matches the correct price paid and must not be older than 6 months.
    4. Returns will only be accepted for complete cases.
    5. Products must be collected from the original delivery point.
    6. A Return freight charge per case for returns to Regional Distribution Centre and for SOLO returns to our European Distribution Centre (a minimum charge per return will apply) will be deducted from the credit raised to cover return transport costs. Details of charges per country are at the bottom of this document.
    7. In case of an unjustified refusal, we reserve the right to apply a return freight charge as outlined in point 3.6.
    8. If Distributors wish to arrange their own carriage for the Return all the above, conditions must be met and all deliveries into Green Meets Africa distribution centers have to meet the terms and procedures of the receiving depots. These will be advised by Customer Service on receipt of the Return Request form. It is the Distributors responsibility to securely package all return products to prevent damage during transit. Delivery of broken, wet or damaged products will be refused by Green Meets Africa or returned to Distributor at Distributor’s expense. If the Distributors arrange their own carriage under this paragraph 3.8, the Distributors will bear all risks on the products during transit, up to the point where Green Meets Africa have accepted delivery.
  4. Upfront deductions for returns, shortages, damages, quality issues and picking errors will not be honored. A credit, if applicable, will follow.

  5. In the event of a product recall, Green Meets Africa will notify all direct customers with regard to the procedures to follow to affect the orderly removal of the product from customer’s inventory.

  6. Please note special requirements apply for the return of hazardous goods.

If you require a return, please contact your Customer Service Support Representative. A return form will be provided for completion.