About Green Meets Africa

Fast becoming a recognisable household brand in South Africa, Green Meets Africa is quickly growing its green footprint in Africa.

This exciting minimal packaging, and eco-friendly brand of telephone accessories, has grown a strong market position in South Africa in an established accessories market over the past 24 months and is rapidly expanding all over Africa.

By taking the lead in offering reliable, safe, and accessible minimal packaging for mobile phone accessories, this ecologically responsible product made from part recycled materials is enabling consumers to make smarter, better, and greener choices in their purchasing decisions when it comes to connecting.

The approach is simple.

Minimise the environmental impact by trying to be intelligent and innovative on all fronts and providing the best service in the market. By growing consumer awareness, for better minimal packaging solutions, Green Meets Africa is taking the initiative to promote improved packaging strategies and waste reduction.

Available in many retail outlets across several well-known retailers in Africa to date, Green Meets Africa is firmly entrenched and seeing phenomenal growth in product popularity in countertop sales across the country. It’s one of the fastest-growing brands connecting people via the accessories market.

Spar, Pick ‘n Pay, Engen, PNA, and PostNet, to name a few, are the first retail adopters to stock the product range, made up of products for all phone types and charging preferences.

Expanding operations and sales staff into the near future, Green Meets Africa will connect more territories to provide their eco-friendly minimal packaging solutions in Africa.

The benefit of this growth will drive greener options for consumers looking for responsible brands when making purchase decisions, knowing that they form part of the solution in reducing environmental impact and driving sustainable change.