Green Meets Africa & SAReforest: A Commitment to Revive and Protect the African Landscape

Green Meets Africa, a trailblazing brand renowned for sustainable telephone accessories, proudly announces its collaboration with the esteemed South African Reforestation Trust (SAReforest). Together, they pledge that for every 156 eco-friendly telephone accessories sold, one indigenous tree will be planted on degraded lands, adding another layer to their mutual commitment to environmental preservation. The full pledge can be read here.

SAReforest, a registered Trust and Non-Profit Organization, stands apart with its precise and environmentally conscious approach to reforestation. The organization plants only locally indigenous and diverse trees, ensuring the revitalization of natural habitats and not merely populating areas with single species plantations. Every reforestation site is carefully managed for fire and erosion protection, and invasive vegetation removal, creating sanctuaries for both flora and fauna. These sites transform into long-maturing, diverse forests that efficiently combat climate change by sequestering significant amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere.

Martin Korver, founder of Green Meets Africa expressed, “By joining forces with SAReforest, a group that symbolizes authentic environmental preservation, we are reiterating our promise to be part of a sustainable solution for Africa.”

Forests play an indispensable role in balancing our planet’s health, producing oxygen, sequestering carbon dioxide, cleansing the air, and so much more. SAReforest’s commitment to ensuring that no reforestation occurs in areas with pristine indigenous vegetation, and only in those where rehabilitation is direly needed, speaks volumes about their integrity and mission.

Those interested in supporting or partnering with these organizations or simply wanting to learn more can reach out to the respective contact points provided below.

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About Green Meets Africa
Green Meets Africa is leading the charge in sustainable telephone accessories in South Africa. With a commitment to minimal packaging and eco-consciousness, they’re expanding rapidly across the continent, connecting people responsibly.

About SAReforest
SAReforest is a dedicated Trust and NPO that undertakes reforestation with unmatched precision and care, ensuring the creation and maintenance of diverse, natural forests that genuinely benefit the environment and combat climate change.

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